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Mirror Image Cosmetics is a high-end, complexion neutral cosmetics line, offering lipstick, highlighter and lashes. Our company's name embodies a dual meaning. By definition, mirror image twins are twins with opposite features but matching reflections. This idea resonated not only because the owners are twins but also because Mirror Image Cosmetics caters to women who embody duality.  Mirror Image Cosmetics is for dynamic women who are both intelligent and beautiful, edgy and elegant. Mirror Image Cosmetics allows dynamic women who "wear many hats" to create the perfect look to satisfy every occasion.  From the office, to galas, to date night or a night out, Mirror Image Cosmetics will ensure you look amazing in every room! Our high-end, affordable products allow women to exude confidence and get noticed as they dominate and succeed in life!

Mirror Image Cosmetics specializes in high-quality products, that are professional grade and easy to use.  Although our products meet the quality standards of makeup used by professional makeup artists, the easy application of our products make them perfect for the everyday woman. We offer extensive color selections and pride ourselves in using the best pigments and ingredients.


Our products are: Paraben Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Allergy Tested, Non-Comedogenic, Fragrance Free & are Not Tested on Animals


Joyce and Debra Glenn have always had an intense love for makeup and all-things-beauty!  After working in the entertainment industry as models and actors for over 10 years, expanding into the beauty industry was a natural progression.  The twins were inspired to create a cosmetics line that caters to happy, stylish, educated and ambitious women.  The twins also wanted this line to be reflective of women who, much like themselves, are layered and dynamic.  ​

The twins have an intriguing back story. Their upbringing as “Army brats” involved constant relocation and international travel within the military lifestyle. However, one constant in their lives was their family’s emphasis on the importance of education. The twins both acquired BBAs in Accounting while tackling several facets of the entertainment industry. 


To acknowledge hardworking women who “wear many hats,” Mirror Image Cosmetics unveils the beauty of versatility with a collection of glamorous yet classic beauty products. Mirror Image celebrates women who proudly display versatility...women who are smart and beautiful...women who are bold and alluring and women who are strong and subtle! Mirror Image Cosmetics promotes self love which is expressed in its tagline “Love What You See!”

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